Refer your friends or fans: MAKE MONEY. Why? Because it's not a bad idea!

How It Works

By becoming a affiliate partner we'll give you a unique referral link. You can then give that referral link to friends, followers or readers of your content. Everytime someone uses your affiliate link and signs up for a paid membership, you'll receive 40% of the revenue FOREVER!

Here is an Example

You post our link to
your friends or fans.
Your friend clicks the link
and signs up for a $49 membership.
You also get paid for every subsequent
month they remain a paid membership

How do I become a Partner

An affiliate account is free with all accounts (free or paid accounts).

If you already have a account (free or paid), simply login

If you don't have a account (free or paid), you can register here

Your referral link is available inside your account.

This part's important. How do you get Paid?

We pay every month on the 1st of each month.

You will be paid from the previous months earnings.

We pay your bank account once you have earned $40.