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3 Things Every Business Coach Must Understand About Outsourcing

Okay, so what's the point in you spending the time to read this? The reason is I'm going to cut past the crap and give you 3 things every business coach must understand about outsourcing. In particular, virtual assistants and the Philippines!

Anyone who's connected to me, Michael Brodie on LinkedIn knows that I happen to be friends with many business coaches and consultants, not only in America but also back home in the UK, as well as Australia and Canada. "Good for you Michael, who cares", might be the phrase that's in your head right now.

Now before you nod your head and pretend to be a know it all, remember if you're clients had that same attitude then you'd be out of business and the whole coaching industry would collapse in an instant. So let me get into the meat of the content and give you the information you need to know.

1. NEVER use an outsourcing company UNLESS you have NO CHOICE

You don't need middlemen unless you're wanting to outsource and hire a huge team of 15-20-25+ employees and outsource a whole division of your company through offshoring. That's a different story. However for small business owners, coaches, digital marketing agencies, and any other entrepreneur who needs help with customer service, SEO, digital marketing, email handling, and so forth, then NEVER use an outsourcing company.


Simply put, they charge you salary markups and management fees. Why on earth would you want to pay them? You can instead go to and find and hire a Filipino virtual assistant without the outsourcing fees.

2. You add the most value when your actually out seeing clients

What's the point in doing admin tasks, customer service (not including 1-1), email management, LinkedIn marketing, social media ads, PPC, SEO, data entry, research, blogs, and all the other things you either don't like doing or suck at. In fact, let me go one further. Why do anything that you can pay somebody else to do?

Am I a lazy son of a b*tch?

Are you thinking to yourself right now, "Hang on a sec old chap! So you're telling me to sit on my lazy ass and pay someone else to do the stuff that's required to be done for me to grow my business?" Yes, I am! But, before you get carried away let me explain why.

You grow your business and multiply your income by spending the most time you can on the stuff that adds the most value. By that I mean the stuff you can't hire a virtual assistant to do for you. However spending your time, or wasting your time on tasks that can be outsourced for a fraction of the cost that your time is worth, is simply my definition of insanity.

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3. Outsourcing by hiring a virtual assistant in the Philippines

Thousands of coaches around the world hire Filipino virtual assistants and make outsourcing an important part of the way they run their business.

Think about the reasons why? Let me give you the exact reasons why I became the virtual boss, and why thousands of entrepreneurs do the same

  • Outsource the stuff that's not best use of your time
  • Multiply yourself
  • Get your life back, either spend more time with family or spend it on your health, networking, or anything else that is a better use of your life than admin and boring sh*t.

How much do I pay my Filipino Virtual Assistant? you can download the free salary guide for hiring virtual assistants in the Philippines at

As a ballpark figure, you're looking at $400 a month for a degree educated, English speaking Filipino virtual assistant.

Final note. I've put together a video that you might helpful called HOW TO TRAIN, WORK WITH AND PAY YOUR VIRTUAL ASSISTANT

Hope you've found this article helpful. Comment below if you need to ask me anything.

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