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How To Find Awesome Virtual Assistants For Your Online Business

Many online businesses and entrepreneurs who seek to make a fortune online, get more time in there life, or often a combination of both, do so by hiring and working with virtual assistants. This article is going to show you the best ways to find awesome virtual assistants for your online business!

Now the benefits of hiring virtual assistants are huge.

Firstly, you use geolocation leverage to be able to hire educated and skilled virtual assistants in a country like the Philippines, but because of the geolocation leverage, you pay a fraction of the cost in salary as compared to the western world.

In addition to the obvious cost saving benefits, the next big game changer that you need to consider is the fact you get someone who is better than you in a specific area, or who can double down on what you're doing to more effort is compounded together to get better results and more profit.

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How To Find Awesome Virtual Assistants For Your Online Business:

I'm going to outline the best options for using and finding the awesome virtual assistant you need to help skyrocket your business productivity and start getting more done.

  1. POST A JOB. If you have done so already, create your employers account at and post a job (or jobs) and have talented virtual assistants apply directly to you. Just remember to state salary, hours, specific role, and outline ideas of what the job entails (just like any job advert you'd do domestically, exactly the same way).
  2. FIND VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS NOW. While I highly suggest posting jobs as it makes sense to have talent apply direct. Another thing I recommend is to browse through the thousands of talented Filipino virtual assistants on the virtual staff database and contact them directly.

Now for more information, below I've attached the best articles and videos to watch and look through that will help make life as easy as possible for you.

These videos and articles will be helpful for anyone looking to hire and work with a virtual assistant, that includes online businesses, FBA entrepreneurs, Shopify businesses and more.

How much should you pay your virtual assistant?



My Personal Guide to How Much To Pay Your Virtual Assistant


How to work with a Virtual Assistant?


This is a question many of you might be wondering. How do you work with a virtual assistant? How do you communicate? What does the relationship look like?

Below is a link to a video I recorded that literally covers all of that for you.

How to work with a virtual assistant


How to build a turnkey business by hiring Filipino Virtual Assistants

And finally, this article is going to show you how I built a turnkey business. It's also the method I advise clients who I consult with, in addition to my key topic during speaking engagements and seminars.  
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By: Michael Brodie

Outsourcing Expert & Virtual CEO