How To NOT Hire Bad Filipino VA’s

Virtual Assistants In The Philippines Are Amazing... But NOT Always!

Have you heard of the saying "People with Good Intentions Make Promises".

It's hard to spot people shrouding off behind their true skin. ADMIT IT.

When was the last time you dropped into the pitfalls of "Sorry can't finish it this week,  I'm having this and this", or excuses that don’t give justifiable reasons?

If you are a business owner scaling your enterprise hiring Virtual Staff in the Philippines is always the best option to do.

But of course, there are some key signals you must always look for when delving into a character of potential Filipino VA's.


1. Filipino Virtual Assistants Working Themselves Into An Early Grave

One common trait which I observe with virtual staff in the Philippines is trying to bite off more than they can chew by working two full-time jobs.

Working hard is never a bad thing of course,  but the problem is if they are working round the clock and neglecting family life, etc, the evil demon “Mr. Burnout” will soon be joining their daily life!

This naturally brings them stress that often leads to major and minor problems that could possibly affect the business or even personal health.

Nonetheless what you want as an employer is to keep your Filipino VA's breathing.

2. The Big YES - It is a trap

Rarely you will hear the word "NO" in a Filipino Virtual Assistant, especially when doing work tasks and responsibilities.

The only problem is that getting attached to saying the magic "YES" can cause problems down the road.

Many virtual assistants are desperate to show appreciation by agreeing to do stuff way out of their skill set, instead of saying “Sir, I don’t know that, I’m happy to learn through”.

This is not a BAD trait in theory, but my advise would be to just remember to tell your VA that it’s ok for them to be honest if they don’t know something and that you won’t fire them or hurl verbal (or text) abuse at them for now knowing.

As the employer it’s important you set expectations and transparency from the beginning and create a culture of positivity with your Filipino Virtual Assistant.

If you do, then you’ll have fantastic success when outsourcing to the Philippines.

3. Lack of Noggin Interest

If there are Filipino Virtual Assistant who keeps doing the high note.  There are also some who prefer hitting the flat.

It keeps on bugging me when VA answers "I do not know it."


Nobody is living in the Mesozoic era, where you need to search for carvings in the stone to find the answer. 

It is a Digital Age, information and knowledge are already at the fingertip!

Spark of interest to a job can verify a VA's WILLINGNESS to learn and grow.

4. My Precious Time

Promptness to a schedule and attendance are key traits of a successful virtual assistant.

Not all people value your precious time. This is one of the no-no signals of hiring virtual employees in the Philippines.

Symptoms exist when they are coming in late, company projects are taken for granted and urgency is not being observed.

With this kind of tardiness comes greater consequences for your business.  It’s always better to do the prevention by setting clear expectations from day 1!


You might be thinking that Outsourcing VA's in the Philippines might be a headache because I’ve highlighted some negatives above.

Here’s the silver lining so to speak 😊

The listed bad traits are VERY EASY to overcome, hire the right person and be clear about expectations and it’s very easy to find yourself an AMAZING VIRTUAL ASSISTANT IN THE PHILIPPINES.

How Entrepreneurs and Filipino VA’s Benefit Each Other?

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By: Kyle Daling

Virtual Assistant In The Philippines