Philippines Outsourcing: The good, the bad, and the honest truth!

I'm going to give you everything you need to know about when it comes to outsourcing to the Philippines.

Philippines Outsourcing has become such a polarizing topic that people don't seem to be able to have an adult conversation about it.


In this podcast you're going to learn:

  • How to approach outsourcing by looking at it objectively.
  • How you can save 80-85% on domestic salaries.
  • Why you need key staff to grow your business.
  • What's going to be best for your profits?
  • Is outsourcing the great business equalizer for the small business?

This show is packed full of common sense, case studies, and REAL LIFE examples!

My goal here is to question your thoughts and let you come up with the answers yourself.

Michael Brodie is an entrepreneur and Philippines outsourcing expert. To find out more about Michael you can contact him at the following:
LinkedIn Michael Brodie

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By: Michael Brodie

Michael Brodie is a Philippines outsourcing expert and founder of the Philippines largest virtual assistant hiring site As a teenager, Michael Brodie was the youngest ever retail CEO/Owner in European shopping center history! To find out more about Michael or contact him: Twitter@thevirtualboss LinkedIn Michael Brodie Facebook Michael Brodie