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Top 10 Reasons Why Outsourcing in the Philippines is the Best Idea

Companies ranging from small to large enterprises as well as startup entrepreneurs are establishing highly-skilled professional teams in the Philippines.

Most of these companies outsource tasks such as customer service, data entry, technical support, research and social media marketing.

Outsourcing in the Philippines has steadily grown and developed in recent years as more companies and entrepreneurs have sought to create virtual teams there.

The Philippines boasts of a highly-skilled workforce, and the fact that English is the legal and joint official language makes it extremely appealing for western businesses.

The following are 9 reasons why outsourcing in the Philippines is the best idea:

Lower labor cost 

The labor cost in the Philippines is much lower than in developed countries such as the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand and EU countries. Business owners and entrepreneurs are able to save thousands of dollars each month in payroll costs through outsourcing certain business processes and departments in the Philippines. In fact, we estimate that the average business that hires virtual assistants by finding them on save an average of 82% on salary costs.Example: Full-time virtual assistant in the Philippines with a college degree will cost you between $400-$600 a month on average, whereas the same employee would cost upwards of $2,500 if you hired them in the USA.


Outsourcing to the Philippines will mean delegation of tasks. This would mean that repetitive and time-consuming tasks are removed from the workload of business owners and entrepreneurs.

Tasks like customer service, technical support, data entry, bookkeeping, research, and social media marketing, among other things, are assigned to Filipino virtual assistant professionals.

The result? Business owners will have more time to focus on development and expansion of their businesses.

Highly skilled, qualified, and competitive professionals 

The Philippines has a highly-skilled, qualified and competitive workforce.

Moreover, because English is the joint official language of the Philippines, in fact, it's the language of the constitution and the only language that is taught in the colleges and universities.

Because of that, companies will be sure that they will be hiring qualified Filipino professionals who have good communication skills to work for their company.


Filipinos are known for being loyal and respectful people. You might struggle to find a wolf of wall street style telemarketer here in the Philippines, however, what you will find is good quality, reliable virtual employees who work solely and dedicated to your business.

Assurance of paying the best salary rates 

By outsourcing jobs in the Philippines and hiring virtual workers direct using a site like , businesses and entrepreneurs can be confident that due to not having to deal with a BPO company, that is marking salaries up or charging management fees, that they will, in fact, be paying the real salary rates that Filipino virtual employees command.

Note. While I can personally suggest some great BPO companies who I know are ethical and of good quality, in general, you should look to avoid them due to the increased costs that they involve.

If you hire the right virtual assistant, trust me you don't need to pay a middleman BPO company a fee to watch over them.

You can watch a video on the outsourcing scam Philippines BPO companies don't want you to know about.

Better services 

Jack of all trades? I was one of them once, I juggled 8 balls and often 3 got dropped. Instead, apply the 80/20 principle and focus your time on the 20% of important stuff, and outsource and delegate the remaining 80%.

By doing this, you can cost-effectively improve your customer's experience. (cost effectively). I say those two words again, because, in a competitive marketplace, costs are as important as increasing revenue.

New to outsourcing or hiring a VA? You might find this video helpful. THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO WORKING WITH A VIRTUAL ASSISTANT 

Improved Life-Work Balance

Business owners will not only have time to focus on tasks that are the best use of their limited and valuable time, they will also have time for their personal life.

They are able to devote valuable time to their families and for their personal development as well.

These are only some of the major reasons why companies should outsource in the Philippines. Let me condense them into key takeaways below:

  • Better work-life balance (outsource the crap)
  • 80/20 Pareto principle. Delegate and outsource the 80% that is not the best use of your time, and double down on what is the best use of your limited hours.
  • Improve customer experience.
  • Kick butt and scale up! 
  • Hire professionals without paying domestic salary rates due to geolocational leverage!


You have three options to outsource in the Philippines

  1. Hire direct by cutting out the middlemen. You can do that at and contact virtual workers in the Philippines.
  2.  Go to a recruiter/headhunter: Have a recruiter find you a virtual assistant. This is an expensive way to go as they will charge you a staff finder or recruitment fee, usually ranging between $500-$2,000
  3. Use a BPO company: Based on Google's first page of companies, salary markups are applied and you will be paying significantly higher costs. What do virtual assistants or virtual employees cost?

You can download for FREE The Ultimate Salary Guide For Hiring Filipino Virtual Staff at either or

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By: Michael Brodie - #1 Philippines Outsourcing Expert On This Planet

Outsourcing expert and virtual boss. Michael is a podcaster, entrepreneur, and lover of good old school business common sense. He is known for using the quote, "common sense is not so common".