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How Entrepreneurs & Filipino Virtual Assistants Benefit Each Other?

How entrepreneurs and and Filipino virtual assistants benefit each other?

Building a great team is key to the success for even the smallest of businesses.

Most of us know that, but how do we make sure our business is firing on all cylinders?

In this article, you'll discover how and why the entrepreneur and the Filipino virtual assistant relationship works fantastically well.


One of the main reasons entrepreneurs and business owners recruit and hire virtual assistants in the Philippines is because of the huge savings in business costs

Look at this way, instead of a western salary based on the geography and cost of living in your home country, you can instead hire Full-time Filipino virtual assistant from as low as $5000-$8,000 per year ($400-$700 a month).


Would you agree with me when I say that the most valuable commodity you have in life is time?

We can get more money, we can buy a bigger house, heck, we can choose most things in life. However, time is something we all have a limited amount of.

You can never get time back.

Statistics show that entrepreneurs, especially micro-entrepreneurs spend 52 weeks of the year working. 52 weeks, that means they never take any time out of the business!

Trust me, I understand this as much as anyone because I myself have been a victim of this myself.

The biggest problem with this statistic Is the fact that those 52 weeks of work are probably only semi-productive if you take into account all the admin work and other tasks that they currently do.

The biggest problem with this statistic is the fact that those 52 weeks of work are probably only semi-productive at best if you take into account all the admin work and other tasks that they currently do.

Many entrepreneurs feel trapped by it.

My question is always the same.

“Why not look into the option of recruiting and hiring a full-time virtual assistant to do those tasks for you?”.


I experienced rapid growth in my businesses when I began empowering other people to do areas in the business I either SUCKED AT or simply was not the best person at doing them.

As an entrepreneur, most of us are enthusiastic people.

Most of us want to do great things, and most of us are self-motivated and driven, you yourself probably tick all of those boxes otherwise you'd be reading an article about Kim Kardashian instead of one about business.

Here’s the thing.

We try to be superhuman!

And trust me I don't look good in red underwear and a superman cape! Jokes aside, don’t get me wrong, hard work and persistence are great qualities for building a business.

However, you can’t be the jack of all trades, as chances are you’ll become the master of none.

You can try, but more than likely you will either burnout or hit a brick wall if you try to be the SEO expert, the PPC expert, the admin/personal assistant, the content writer, and the programmer all at the same time.

If you do...

You might be overtaken by someone else who is focusing more of their time on the key area for business growth.


People often call me Michael Brodie “The Virtual Boss”, a rather well-known entrepreneur coined me with this nickname and it kind of stuck.

So what is the virtual boss lifestyle? It’s not complex but it is very strategic and goal driven.

The goal is to control time, and muster what you do in your life.

I’m not bragging here, but I can and do work remotely from anywhere in the world.


Because all my team is home-based in the Philippines.

My Filipino virtual assistants and remote employees specialize in each area of my business so that I can focus on doing what I want, when I want, with who I want.

By hiring trustworthy and skilled virtual assistants the world of possibilities opens for you.

You can do things you want to do, but never thought you could do as the monotony and build up of tasks stopped you doing it.

Some people like to go on more vacations, how about more time with your kids? Maybe take up a new hobby that you’ve been putting off?

My MOTTO IS, “Time never waits for you, so embrace it, master it, and use it to live life on your terms”.

How you as a FOREIGN EMPLOYER helps the virtual assistant:

The entrepreneur and Filipino virtual assistant relationship is mutually beneficial.

As mentioned above the upsides for you as western business owners are huge!

However, let’s talk about why and how these opportunities exist, and of course why hundreds o thousands of skilled virtual staff in the Philippines want to work for you.

If you follow my podcast show CONFESSIONS OF A VIRTUAL BOSS or VIDEOS, you’ll know that I live in the Philippines around 80% of the year, I know the culture second to none, and I can say this with honesty.

Filipinos are loyal, caring, and genuinely want to please you.

They are known to treat work like family, and as long as you’re hiring the right virtual assistants, treating them well, paying them well and giving them opportunities to grow and develop personally, they will reward you with outstanding work and loyalty.


Do you like being stuck at an office 8 hours a day fixed?

If YES, you’re the minority I think.

All my team in the Philippines are results based. By this I mean, yes they get a regular salary of course, but I don’t require them to work 9am-5pm.

What I do is this:

- brief daily meeting of 5-10 minutes to discuss ideas, previous days work, and tasks that are upcoming

  • Set tasks on TRELLO, with deadlines and instructions. Usually, bullet pointed and super specific
  • Touch base every now and then with things like “hey how we doing?”, remember you’re wanting to build a team that is a long term solution to driving your business forward. You’re dealing with humans.

That’s it! That’s the secret to how I’ve created an outstanding turn-key system that consistently produces results.

For example, I hire a full-time video editor for $350 a month.

Nothing super complex, but basic video editing, adding some animation to the videos, adding our end screen credit etc.

I usually need three videos edited each day Monday-Friday.

Here’s how I do it.

I send the videos with instructions and then make sure I let him add some creativity, in addition to that I check he understands everything.

The deadline is always by 9am the following morning.

I wake up and the 3 videos will be edited and in my dropbox or google drive ready for me to upload to or my YouTube account.

Final note

Working with Filipino virtual assistants is fun, enjoyable, and best of all it helps you grow your business and get your life back.

Remember, employing a virtual assistant is just like employing a local employee in regards to there is good and bad virtual assistants.

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By: Michael Brodie

Founder and CEO,