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What is an Office-Based Real Estate Virtual Assistant in the Philippines

A realtor has a very heavy schedule.

Generating client leads, promoting properties to potential buyers, as well as a bunch of paper and admin stuff.

I mean in 2020 to be a successful realtor and maximize the opportunities you also need to cultivate your own online social media brand to create social proof and credibility in your local market.

If you are a realtor, broker or agent, thinking that you can take all of the tasks by yourself, then you are missing the big picture opportunity that can come with having your own Real Estate Virtual Assistant.

You may wonder, what is this Real Estate Virtual Assistant thing that I'm talking to you about? And why would you bother?

An Office-based Real Estate Virtual Assistant (OREVA) is a person working online willing to work for you remotely and take over the task of your real estate business… it's as simple as that.

The BIG difference between home-based virtual assistant vs office-based is this...

By having an office-based real estate VA, you have them working inside a fully managed remote office, this, of course, means more accountability, and also the ability to have experts handle it for you.

Now you are asking, how will this help me?

You might not know but there are some fantastic opportunities and benefits that come with hiring a Real Estate Virtual Assistant in the Philippines

1. You can save 70-80% on the cost of hiring the equivalent skill level of employees in America or Canada.

What does a local employee cost you?

According to Pay, the average salary for local real estate assistants in the US is $23.82 per hour ($3812 per month) plus employee benefits, insurance, and other employer implications.

What Does It Cost To Have a Skilled Real Estate VA with equivalent talents in the Philippines?

The salary rate for a top-end real estate VA that can work for you like a $40k-$50k/year American employee is this...

Your Filipino Virtual Assistants Salary:

A ballpark figure is around $4.50/hour for a full-time VA in the Philippines.

I'm talking about someone that can perform at the high-end skill level, speak great American English and perform minor miracles with your online branding.

So that works out at like $720/month and would include money in there to help the virtual assistant pay their social security and health insurance.

(Important you remember this)

Your Virtual Assistant is responsible to do this themselves, you are under no legal obligation whatsoever, but do take into account that they will be doing these deductions from the salary you pay them!).

The beauty of having one of our office-based virtual assistants is we pay all that for your virtual assistant included in the $4.50/hour salary.

2. Relieve Your Stress

The real estate industry is a fast-paced business that demands almost every hour of your day. Checking e-mails, cold calling, finding new leads, social media branding, creating mailers, I mean the list is never-ending!

Having a specialist Realtor VA can give you the freedom to spend time with your family, your health, and spend more effort on the high income-producing activity.

Simply put. With a Real Estate Virtual Assistant you there is more room for you to breathe.

3. 80/20 (Pareto). Having a VA is pretty much the principle at it's finest

There is part of your business that is considered “80%.

Pareto's 80/20 dictates that although the entire "100%" needs to be done for you to succeed. You personally doing the 100% is counterproductive and costing you a fortune in a lost opportunity.

Imagine this

You eliminate all the 80% stuff and focused entirely on the 20%.

In my experience helping realtors outsource tasks and grow their business by using VA's, here's what I found.

80/20 Tells you as a realtor to outsource all of the following this:

  • Sending countless e-mails
  • Cold calling
  • Listing properties
  • Admin tasks
  • Posting on LinkedIn
  • Becoming active in social media groups
  • Verifying appointments
  • Graphic design
  • Flyer/Mailer design
  • Property research

So what about the 20%? Well here's what my friend Richard Koch taught me

Focus your effort as a realtor on the activities that ONLY you can do. I mean the stuff that pays you the commissions.

What is the best use of your very limited time?

  • Go prospect with people who are interested
  • Build relationships and improve your network
  • Show more houses
  • See potential sellers
  • Close more deals

Let your VA take care of all the 80% stuff and drive your focus to the 20% of high producing activity that only you can.

Outsource EVERYTHING, except the stuff only you can do!

5. Expand your business faster

Real Estate Virtual Assistants are not only online assistants they also have other skills that are beneficial for faster business expansion.

I'm talking about somebody who is multi-skilled, which means they can do digital marketing, website design,  graphic creation, social media brand building, just to name a few!

Final Thoughts…

Outsourcing to the Philippines and having your very own Office-Based Real Estate Virtual Assistant is a game-changer.

It's a way to get a BIG competitive advantage over other realtors, brokers ad agents in your local market!

And using an official office-based virtual assistant, you can build your own team cost-effectively and with quality of service guaranteed as you have your own account manager helping you achieve your success!


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