Pre School Teacher

$600 / Per Month
Full Time
Sep 06, 2021

Job Overview

Looking for a preschool teacher for the next 24 months (Remote Work- Full Time)

The Company is based in Singapore and is called The Umonics Method.

Please send PDF copy of resume with along with answers to the questions.

Salary: USD$600 a month.

24 months Contract: USD$144000

Work: Mondays to Saturdays from 8am to 6pm.


1. Degree in Early Childhood Education

2. Masters in Early Childhood Education is a Plus

3. At Least 5 Years in Early Childhood Education

Job Description:

1. Plan, supervise and deliver the program in accordance with the policies, guidelines, frameworks and philosophy of The Umonics Method.

2. Prepare and implement the programs and age-appropriate teaching aids.

3. Keep accurate records of children’s progress and address the children's educational and developmental needs individually.

4. Complete the progress reports of the children for each semester and prepare a developmental portfolio for every child.

5. Communicate with parents online via the Connection Book at least once a week, weekly team newsletters and conferences.

6. Meet the parents online to address any concerns.

7. Train, guide supervise teachers.

8. Be familiarized with all working curriculum documents, handbooks and policy manuals.

Please answer questions below:

1. What is your full computer specs? (only 12GB Ram and above. For those without 12GB RAM, must be willing to upgrade when signed on)

2. What is your current internet speed (Only 30mobs and above)

3. Do you have a laptop or desktop that you can dedicate fully to this job? This is Vital.

4. Are you working full-time or part time? (We are currently only look for full-time employees for this position) We are only looking for employees that can dedicate the next 24 months to this job.

Please send PDF copy of your resume along with the questions to the answer above to

Skills Required

  • Speaking
  • Tutoring Teaching
  • Writing

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