Are you a Google my Business Expert? Know your social networks?

$50 - 500 / Per Month
Jun 20, 2019

Job Overview

Now - Now - Now - December 2021 --------> We have thousands of businesses in the UK that need someone to run their "Google my Business."


This product works very well for organic business leads and getting known locally. Over 60% of searches are for local businesses. Combine that with a FaceBook business page organically; small businesses can get local customers.

What I will do for you is set you up with a 33% share in a UK limited liability company; this means you have a share in the company. You will remote desktop connect into our International server in the UK, where you will be just like a UK citizen working here.

For GMB, we are charging a monthly recurring fee of £30.00 per month. You will invoice for £10.00 per month per client—the other £20.00 will go into the company to cover costs. At the end of three months, dividends will be calculated and paid out based on tax liabilities paid in the UK and after-tax by share allocations.


We will look to upsell clients FaceBook pages and other social networks at £30.00 per network, and again if you are doing the work, you get the pay. The system will be open books you will see all the financial ins and outs, tax liabilities. We will split the UK into postcode areas and provide you with complete support.

We would be looking for a minimum of 50 clients per business with one social network, GMB as a minimum.

In this example - Monthly income 50 x 30 = £1,500.00 per month - You would invoice our limited company each month for £500.00 and get your share of the after-tax paid dividend every three months.

Most clients will use two social networks, so double the income and 30 is not a maximum; it is a realistic target; this opportunity is very much a side job to start with as until the clients sign up to the limited company, you have a share in the business cash flow will take time. My business has experts for each area which you will be able to access to ensure the quality of work and solve problems answer questions. Proofreading services are available, and Graphics teams support you.

Our team will get clients for you, so you do not need to invest time and effort in finding clients; we will have a UK wide advertising program to make local businesses aware of how their business can increase their cash flow by using the Internet.

If you are ready to become a shareholder in a company in the UK and earn UK pounds for your efforts, this is an excellent opportunity, fully supported, with no money from you up-front. You keep doing what you are doing now; commit to 12 months working in your spare time to become a UK Local Digital Expert.

If we grow the business big enough - a potential gateway to high earnings from the UK and even the right to move to the UK because you have an excellent business here and meet immigration requirements. There will be an explosion of small businesses in the UK as people realise that wage slavery does not provide a happy work-life balance.

Let me know if you are interested, and let's make 2022 a good year for us all.



Skills Required

  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Graphics Editing
  • Logo Design
  • Web page Design

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