Making Calls to Find Distributors

$100 + Bonuses
Full Time
Aug 24, 2020

Job Overview



My name is Andrei Faur and I own an e-commerce company in Germany. I am very interested in finding a good virtual assistant who will make the calls to opening wholesale accounts with different distributors. 


What I will give you:

-I will train you via skype about how to talk with distributors. What to ask. How to resist to rejections and so on.

-A virtual german phone number with unlimited minutes 

-All the leads from distributors with name, website, phone numbers, emails. So you just have to make to calls

-We will start with a base salary but this can go up with Bonuses in $ for each successful account opened

-In the future, I will train you to find distributors too, and call them afterward. But I intend to start slow and I will hire somebody else to find the leads so you will just make the calls at the beginning.


What I need from you:

-Very good English speaker!

-You have to work on Europe time-zone

-Working hours: 40 a week

-I will create a google doc and with all the leads and I will give you access to it. I will need you to fill the required columns after you make the call with each distributor. For example He rejects you? Why? Reason? Should we call back in 2-3 months? etc

-After every successful account opened you will redirect them to my email address so I will continue from there with purchasing the orders.


I hope that everybody understands that these distributors are in business because of companies like mine. So they're waiting for us to call them and make business with them. It's not a hard job, but somebody have to make the calls. And those bonuses are easy to get.

In these hard times, it can be a luxury to be able to work from home with the coffee on your desk and just calling different people. I really hope that any and each of you who read this post job can see the opportunity. 


Please let me know if you have any questions.


Kind Regards,

Andrei Faur


Skills Required

  • Speaking
  • Lead Generation
  • Phone Support
  • Real Estate Services

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