Virtual Assistant - Email correspondence

Php 100 - 200 /hr
Sep 11, 2020

Job Overview

We are looking for a motivated virtual assistant to join our team for an ongoing email marketing project. Our company specializes in the Lawn Care Marketing Business and the candidate will be responsible for sending out and catagorizing emails for finding new clients.


Job duties include:

  • Creating google / yahoo / other email accounts following a step by step SOP

  • Creating and sending out emails in large volumes from multiple email acconts 

  • Create different email accounts to send out-going emails

  • Categorize prospects who respond into a qualification funnel so that I may contact them directly OR follow up with them directly

  • Create daily reports on how many emails were sent and how many responses we received

Skills required:

  • Ability to communicate fluiently in English (Spoken / Written)

  • Understanding on how to use automation tools and shortcuts in gmail / yahoo to quickly send large amounts of emails quickly

  • Ability to track mulitple email templates and stay organized with hundreds of email responses

  • Deep understanding of Google Sheets and the ability to track different experiemtns within spreadsheets

Work Hours:

Work hours are flexible and can be discussed during the interview


If hired compensation will range from Php 100 - 200 /hr depending on experience and whether hired fulltime / part time. Compensation will be paid weekly

Skills Required

  • Email Management
  • Personal Assistant

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