Need time codes from a 90 minute video

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Sep 13, 2020

Job Overview


I have a 90 minute podcast in English video and I need as many potential clips as possilble of just the start and stop timecodes for the following:

- 60 seconds or less clips

- 3-1 minutes clips

- 5-3 minute clips

- 10-5 minute clips

- 15-10 minute clips


Each "clip" is a topic of conversation from beginning to end that I can post to social media accounts. Each clip needs to be a complete thought.


I will give you a link to a 90 minute video to download and then I need the timecodes sent to me in this format:


HH = Hours

MM = Minutes

SS = Seconds

sss = Miliseconds

So each clip would be the Start time, Stop Time, and brief description of the clip (as short as possible)

Here's an example

00:01:22.432,00:01:23.543,Favorite Color Discussion

00:01:35.743,00:02:16.433,How to sell to people

So in the end I need you to find every possible clip possible within the different time sets listed above and give me all the timecodes in the respective chunks.

An example of the end result total would look like this:


00:01:22.432,00:01:23.543,Favorite Color Discussion

00:01:35.743,00:01:36.433,How to sell to people

[3-1 minute]

00:01:22.432,00:01:24.543,Favorite Color Discussion

00:01:35.743,00:01:37.433,How to sell to people

[5-3 minute]

00:01:22.432,00:01:27.543,Favorite Color Discussion

00:01:35.743,00:01:39.433,How to sell to people

... etc


Also, it's fine to have the smaller clips also part of the larger clips. So if you have a 5 minute clip about 1 topic and you can make 2 smaller clips from within the 5 minute clip, I want those too.

You must be very fluent in english and in your response to this job, please tell me what video editor you are going to use and let me know how you can find the specifc timecodes down to the milliseconds.

Skills Required

  • Data Entry
  • Speaking
  • Translation
  • Video Editing
  • Podcast Editor (Audio Editor)

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