Instagram Lead Generator

Full Time
Oct 20, 2020

Job Overview


Lead generation through commenting and messaging on Instagram. The employee will go profile to profile, looking for posts from a specific target market. Scripts will be provided and will need to be entered into phone shortcut keys/clipboard before beginning work. MUST be familiar with Instagram.

Will need to be a consistent, reliable worker willing to work hard to achieve the target and see the business grow. Constant communication is a necessity. 



-Experience on Instagram Commenting jobs is necessary (Experienced instagram commentor/lead generator is our priority) 

-Good quality Android phone (ios are not preferable)

-Stable internet connection (excuses with the poor internet connection will not be accepted)

-instagram accounts that are ready to be converted(atleast 10 or more).

-Bank account for salary. 


Salary is everyweek, 


2.50AUD per 200 comments & DMs combined and must reach 1000-1600 Comments/DMs everyday. 



Note: We Are looking for fulltime positions and experienced lead generator. 



If you have no experience on this kind of job please don't apply.


Applicants can send their applications thru email

florenzballesteros at Gmail. Com

(just don't put spaces on the given email, change at into "at sign" and make it all in lower case) 

Skills Required

  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Lead Generation
  • Instagram Marketing

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