Car Shipping Sales Rep

$1,000 plus
Full Time
Oct 25, 2020

Job Overview

Our company specializes in connecting people that want to ship their cars and carriers that will load, transport and unload the vehicles. We are looking for a sales agent that will contact provided leads, provide a quote, and collect a deposit. The average deposit is $100-$200 per car, sales agents commission is 30% from any collected deposit. 


Sales agent requirements:

- good speaking English

- good internet connection (50up/50down)

- attention to detail

- be able to work 9-6pm pacific standard time

- good headset

- private area in your home, where you are not bothered and without outside noise  

company will provide:

- 30 leads a day

- crm and voip


agents typically close 3-4 leads per day and make $110/day. Payment is made via wire transfer to your bank. 


If you want to be considered then take your headset and record a 30-second message. Make sure when you record, you are in a quiet place and using a loud voice. I want to hear confidence and sales in your voice. Record the following phrase:

 Hello, my name is (your name) and I'm calling with ABC auto transport. I see you have a 2012 Nissan Maxima you want to move from Las Vegas Nevada to Miami Florida and I would like to provide you with a quote. Our total price including all taxes, fees, insurance, and door-to-door service would be $894. That is the total price and there are no hidden fees or hidden charges. We do not charge anything upfront and there is nothing due at this moment. On the day your car is picked up by our carrier, we will charge you a deposit of $120, the balance of $774 will be paid directly to the driver by cash or certified check.  

To record this phrase you can use and share the link.

Skills Required

  • Sales Representative

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