Actor or Speaker in Videos for YouTube Channel

Nov 01, 2020

Job Overview

Hello everyone.

Anyone interested to be an actor or speaker in my created videos for posting in my YouTube Channel?

You need to be fluent in both Filipino and English languge, Male or Female, be comfortable to speak in front of the camera, can inject humour and adlibs, must have very pleasing personality, good-looking and must have your own video and audio equipments including camera.

Your work is to read a script provided by me, usually the INTRO, OUTRO and middle parts.  The raw video clips in MP4 format must be sent to me in New Zealand for further processing so I can create a good video.  Frequency: as often as it deemed necessary to generate more views and subscribers.

You will be a part-owner of my growing Channel and whatever cash-inflow or income we may have, you will have a share on it.  Initially, you will get a share of one-third of the revenue generated from the Channel. You will be provided regular reports on the Analytics of the Channel.  Once already established and the income is stable, we will create a FORMAL AGREEMENT to be notarized by a lawyer.

The Channel is new and good, but I have only few few subscribers (about 3,100) and viewers.  Since I am all the time not appearing on videos (I'm only using AI voiceovers at the moment), this is the reason I'm looking for a partnership to a person who has the potential to be a good actor or speaker so we may attract more viewers.

Please feel free to ask questions or clarifications.

Thank you in advance to anyone who will respond.

Have a nice day.

Skills Required

  • Speaking
  • Social Media Marketing
  • YouTube Marketing

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