Web Developer

Full Time
Nov 17, 2020

Job Overview

OneStop Professional Services Ptd. Ltd., the fastest growing corporate services provider in Singapore is looking for a qualified and skilled Web Developer to create and implement websites for our company and clients using the WordPress web creation tool. 



  • Manage Front-End Development

  • Manage Back-End Development

  • Generate Plug-Ins and Themes

  • Performance Monitoring

  • Participate in Team and Client Meetings

  • Conduct WordPress Client Training


  • Passionate about web technology, problem-solving, and creatively using the WordPress platform 

  • Impressive website design and  programming skills using the WordPress platform

  • Knowledge of industry trends 

  • Attention to detail 

  • Communication skills 

  • Comfortable using the following computer tools and technologies:

            - Front-end technologies (such as HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and jQuery, Mobile friendly site)

            -Back-end technologies (such as PHP, hosting cpanel, server-side, database)

            -Debugging tools (such as Chrome Inspector and Firebug)

            -Website creation tools (plug ins, themes, WordPress)

  • Must have at least an Associate’s degree or Four-year degree in Computer Programming or a related field, with coursework in database management, programming, web design, and networking.

  • A background in WordPress Development and relevant work experience is preferred.

Skills Required

  • Wordpress Development

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