Trucking Dispatcher/ Customer Services

up to $ 600.00 a monthly bonus.
Full Time
Nov 30, 2020

Job Overview

This Incredible dispatching opportunity offers growth potential within 6 months up to $600.00 monthly starting pay plus Bonuses paid monthly, All shifts available, must have internet and a Cell phone.


Truck dispatchers coordinate and manage the schedules of truck drivers to ensure products and goods are picked up and delivered in a timely manner. They receive calls for truck services and contact their fleet of truck drivers to arrange the pickups and deliveries. They maintain contact with truck drivers throughout their routes to monitor their progress and to troubleshoot any problems that may arise along the way. They relay information to customers to keep them informed of delivery dates and time estimates.

The trucking industry relies on safe drivers to complete deliveries, and they're typically thought of as the foundation of the system, but they're not the only employees responsible for its success. Dispatchers play an essential role as well and they're in high demand. 


A dispatcher's job is to schedule drivers to pick up and deliver loads to customers or vendors, but that just scratches the surface.


Truck Dispatcher Duties & Responsibilities

Truck dispatchers have numerous other responsibilities as well. They can vary slightly from company to company.


  • Keep records, monitoring drivers' daily logs for errors or violations and monitoring their working hours and equipment availability.

  • Keep tabs on the weather at all drivers' locations to be able to flag potential issues, typically with the aid of numerous computer programs.

  • Serve as a reliable point of contact to balance drivers' health and safety with customer requirements.

  • Coordinate and manage the most efficient loads to remain cost-effective as a company, combining shipments based on their routes and timeline to minimize how many trucks and drivers are out.

  • Determine the best delivery methods and negotiate rates directly with vendors and customers, and get the necessary documents and permits that drivers will need when shipping chemicals or livestock.




Skills Required

  • Admin Assistant
  • Data Entry
  • Human Resource Management
  • Customer Support
  • Email Support
  • Phone Support

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