Filipino Virtual Assistant (Admin Research)

Full Time
Jun 06, 2017

Job Overview

I am looking for a highly motivated and enthusiastic person who has multiple skills, being able to do web design, product research and be a Virtual Assistant to come on board and be responsible for a number of administrative & support duties for a number of my company.

I am especially keen to work with people who have experience with Amazon; product research and development. You must have very good spoken English and have excellent written English too. You must have excellent communication skills and be able to build rapport very quickly online.

You should be able to use your initiative as well as be able to follow instructions.

You will also be expected to respond to all online enquires in a prompt manner. And will be expected to work UK office hours (6am - 4pm GMT).

The ideal candidate will work from home and must have a high speed broadband internet connection that is highly reliable.

Skills Required

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