$300 - 2000 / Per Month
Jan 12, 2021

Job Overview

Hi, we are Change=, a disrupter in the housing market that develops large scale buildings with up to 600 studio's per site.

We are coding our own CRM and management platform that handles all administrative tasks like calculating rent, providing Internet -speed and TV-package choices to users and setup these into the networkcontroll system, sets the accescontroll matrices for the proximity accesscards, reads out the energy/electricity meters and invoices the costs of all of the above into an autodebit system.

We have a need for making API integrations.

A good example is a connection between our platform to our existing accesscontrol system.

The data set per user is now done manually by coupling the accesscard number that was entered into our platform to the accescontrol system.

We want that automated. Besides that the readout of the accesscontrol list exist in the controllers only, we want that data connected to the user-records and so on.

We have many tasks waiting to be coded like the above.

If you have experience in API coding, we have work for you.


We are in the Netherlands, 7 hours behind Manila time.

Working hours are flexible, we have a time overlap for communications in our mornings, from 08:00 till 11:00 which mounts to 3PM to 6PM in PH.

We pay at the 25th of each month




Hans Jacobs 


+31622443399 [viber, whatsapp, text]



Skills Required

  • C#

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