Copywriter for Lead Generation

$300 - 600 / Per Month
Jan 15, 2021

Job Overview

Hi all, I am needing a couple people to write first lines for me. Please read instructions below. 

1) I will provide you with a list of people. The list of people will include each individual's name, LinkedIn URL, and professional website.

2) For each individual, you will look at their LinkedIn and/or professional website to write a personalized 1-2 sentence compliment. This compliment must be 100% specific to each individual, based on the information listed on their Linkedin and/or professional website. No compliment should work for any other individual on the list. It should not be able to get copied by anyone else.

3) You will send me back this list of compliments and we're good!

Further requirements of compliments

1) Each compliment must be in natural, perfect English

2) Each compliment must NOT be written in formal language

3) Each compliment must be PERSONALIZED so that it could not be sent to someone else

Your assignment to apply for this job is as follows: Go on my LinkedIn and write a personalized compliment about me. 

Here are some example of great first lines:

Love how the theme of your Instagram page transcends just 'pushing' merchandise, to celebrating the beautiful women who Shop JAUS

Love how your animal onesies give this laidback, 'doze off in 5 minutes' vibe - with that much material, how cozy they must be! Did you design them?

Amazing work you're doing with the anti-blister tech.. a cross country coach recommended the Coolmesh II Quarter to a friend with horrible blisters - Like, bleeding to the point of needing to take some days off running, even with gel pads.

With their ability to sense problematic situations and emotions before the appear, I think service dogs are life savers for our veterans. Your support to 'Northwest Battle Buddies' inspires me.

Was reading a redditor's comment on how their neighbour's 5 year old son's enthusiasm dropped after realizing his Hero rider wasn't really flying all along - Not all stories have happy endings, I guess. Haha.


Skills Required

  • Admin Assistant
  • Writing
  • Blogging
  • Copywriting
  • Creative Writing
  • Web Content Writing
  • Personal Assistant

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