LinkedIn Ads Expert Wanted: Need A Course/Tutorial Created

$$500 / Per Month
Jan 19, 2021

Job Overview

Hello... I need someone who is experienced and well-versed in LinkedIn ads. I need a course created, as part of my digital content. I am teaching people how do affiliate marketing, promoting other people's products, to make money. This course should be AT LEAST 4 hours long, and in great detail... but also broken into 30 minute training sessions. If this is a 6 hour course or longer? Even better.

You will need to have good, clear English so my majority-USA audience have no problems understanding the training and content. This will be a combination of you talking to the camera, and you doing "screen capture" video recordings to create an "over the shoulder" style of training. (This simply means that the customer feels that are standing behind you, and "looking over your shoulder" as you teach them...)

I anticipate this job will take you anywhere from a week, on up to 30 days. I will pay $500 for the job, flat fee. If you require more $'s but well-exceed my requirements, tell me your price and convince me why you're worth it. I'll listen, but no promises. ;)

Also, tell me if you do your own video editing, or if I will need to edit it myself (which I can do)... or, maybe I will hire a video editor.

For ALL APPLICATIONS: Please email me, and explain why you are qualified for this job, and your experience and background with LinkedIn. If you can send an MP3 or Mp4? Extra points towards your application and interest. :)

After the training is complete and my digital products are launched, I will eventually need a coach who is more of a full-time position. So, though this first job is specifically for a free-lance and one-time task, there is also the opportunity for well-paid, long-term work after I get everything set up and launched.

Please note: I also have basically the same job offer for a YOUTUBE marketing (paid Youtube ads) training and Facebook as well. If you can do more than 1 job or jobs, you will get "extra credit"! :)

Skills Required

  • Speaking
  • LinkedIn Marketing

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