Software Engineer - Full Stack Web Dev

$600 - 800 / Per Month
Full Time
Feb 19, 2021

Job Overview


We are mainly a B2B SEO agency and we modify/streamline code and speed up client sites

so they score A+ in gtmetrix.

We are an Australian business and need a full time engineer who can do the following really well.




*LAMP including htacces and />
*Export psd to HTML our graphics guy designs a lot of sites.

*Wordpress (of course)

We use Generatepress as our starter theme as it is lean and fast.

You must know how to build and create code that is lean, fast, and fully optimised for desktop and mobile.

You must know how to get rid of unnecessary JS and CSS and bloat.

Desirable Skills.

Some on page SEO kowledge. Must NOT use H tags to style text. Do that and you are out, as you don't understand how SEO works.

Must know your way around WHM and Cpanel (we run our own VPS) and able to produce visitor reports from installed

raw log apps. DNS knowledge a plus.

Knowledge of security headers and protocols desirable.

Knowledge of Linux system admin and security desirable.

Woocommerce or Shopify experience is a bonus.

Activecampaign or other email system integration is a bonus.

You must be willing to learn how we use onpage SEO tools and learn our SEO systems.

You will get to learn during paid time.

We use Activecollab to allocate and manage jobs.


We take your monthly salary, times it by 13, divide by 52 to come up with a weekly rate.

(this takes care of the 13th month).

We pay weekly, on the following Tueday of a worked week.

As well you get 4 weeks paid annual leave, 2 weeks paid sick leave, all public holidays paid for.

Family paid leave considered case by case.

We expect accuracy, reliability and consistency.

Our company is growing fast and we need people who can be flexible and available during working hours

so if we have a dire emergency, it can get fixed fast. Our timezone is 2 hours ahead of local time in the Philippines.

You must be available on phone during working hours

Thanks for reading this far. Can you please attach a CV to your reply if possible.

Well wishes


we are aware of the vagaries of unreliable iternet and typhoons. we can work around those issues.


Skills Required

  • Javascript
  • Mysql
  • PHP
  • Wordpress Development
  • Content Management
  • Cpanel
  • CSS
  • Google analytics
  • HTML
  • Managing Servers
  • PSD to HTML
  • Webmaster Tools
  • Wordpress

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