Writer - Content Writer - Intern - Volunteer

$250 - 345 / Per Month
Part Time
Mar 17, 2021

Job Overview


Homemakers, Retired Persons, Teachers, Students, Regular Office Goers anybody is welcome.

Publishers are also welcome to partner with us in Joint Ventures.

Languages: English, Hindi, Urdu and Bengali

Job Type: Freelance Basis (Work from Home/ College/ Office/ Business etc.)

Online Magazine is the world’s best platform for the Writers and Readers. It is an Online Platform, created by Lam Aid - A British MNC.

This exclusive and unique hybrid mobile application and web portal has been created just to bring the best out of an immature writer, help them to become Professional Writer, help the Professional writer as well to give them highest recognition in the world and make them known to the world as Publish writer.

Readers will have the highest entertainment by these world hidden talents, explored by us. If you want to explore yourself or someone you know, who has the talents in writing or creating – Drama, Romance, Travel, Cookbooks, Children’s, History, Comics, Ideas, Famous Dialogue, Action & Adventure, Anthologies, Science Fiction, Poetry, Art, Diaries, Series, Biographies, Fantasy – Please share this app and portal to them (friends, family and relatives) and help us to create an un explored writers. Our Professional team will help them to become a Professional Writer.

Readers can Read and Listen the stories, articles in 6 different languages English, Hindi, Bengali, Urdu, Arabic, and Chinese.

Please download the app from Play Store or Apple Store or go to our web portal at register and start sending your writings and creations in your own language. The App and the portal are free and very easy to use.

Online Magazine, welcomes self-motivated Writers/ Content Writers/ Interns/ Volunteers/ Proof Readers, to work as a freelancer to gain popularity as well as world recognition as writers.

  1. You must be able to develop plagiarism free content writing to establish themselves as writers.

  2. At present the interface supports English, Hindi and Bengali apart from Arabic, Chinese and Urdu to work on. Hence linguists from such categories are welcome.

  3. The person can pick as many areas of interests from broadly classified more than 40 categories to choose from.

  4. Homemakers, Retired Persons, Teachers, Students, and Regular Office Goers all may apply.

  5. Preferable for anyone viz. author, proof reader, blogger, columnist, correspondent, critic, dramatist, novelist, poet, reporter, biographer, composer, creator, essayist, ink-slinger, scribbler etc.

Any Diploma, Undergraduate, Graduate, Postgraduate in Literature/ Linguistic/ Journalism/ Mass Communication etc but not mandatory.


  1. A British origin global platform to nurture and showcase your talent.

  2. Eye catching content may grab attention of publishers around the world.

  3. An opportunity to express and speak up your mind, to revolutionise and bring about the changes.

  4. Get rewarded for your creation as it may get chosen by the publishers and may get published as a book or even may get selected by the Media such as Televisions, Magazines, Newspapers, Films etc for their use and production.

  5. Worldwide accreditations and recognitions.

  6. Publishers are also welcome to partner with us in Joint Ventures.

  7. Apart from Content Writers this platform is also meant inclusively for bibliophile, bibliophagy, voracious/ avid/ prolific readers, book house, etc.

  8. You can also share your content on your personal Social Media posts to reach maximum number of Readers and Followers.

Please send across your interest to for further discussion.

Key Skills

Content Writing Mass Communication Journalism Blogger Social Media Articles Student Activities Proof Reading Teaching Student Counselling Publishing Education Corresponding Writing Poetry Freelancing

LAM AID LTD. – An Asian owned British origin Multi-National Corporation, specialized in Hybrid Mobile Applications and Web Portals into diversified verticals/ domain, is exploring the possibilities of connecting the world through its high-end mobile applications:-

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Skills Required

  • Blogging
  • Creative Writing

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