Personal Virtual Assistant

$25 - 225 / Per Month
Part Time
Mar 18, 2021

Job Overview



Seeking Virtual / Administrative Personal Assistant to assist busy professional with a wide-variety of tasks.  This is not a business/client-centered position.  Your duties will rarely, if ever be repetitive, so you must be adaptable, a quick-learner, computer savvy, and be able to think outside the box.  


You will work part-time, but you will need to be available / on-call full-time.  That said, I work a lot and won’t be consistently assigning tasks.  Your assignments will more than likely come in spurts and some days will be super busy and other days there will be hardly anything.   You will generally have a pretty good idea which days you should plan to be busy and which days you won’t hear from me as much.  


If you are a personable individual with good people skills, and are known for being a “jack of all trades,” this might be the job for you!  Some understanding of medical terminology and science-minded individuals encouraged to apply.  College education is a plus!  





  • Answer your phone and respond to texts, emails, communication attempts promptly 

  • Research (heavy): can include almost anything - products, concepts, and much more

  • Accounting & finance management/planning, budget development & management, bill pay

  • Scheduling, to-do list development and management, reminding me of my appointments & schedule

  • Inbox management for multiple emails

  • File organizing and digitizing

  • Occasional website development, graphic & logo design 

  • Paper/essay/article/content writing, editing, and proof-reading; typing

  • Make phone calls

  • Online ordering

  • much more





  • Ability to accurately & efficiently prioritize

  • Adaptable

  • Have excellent communication skills

  • Self-starter

  • Quick learner 

  • Ability to learn new software and tasks quickly and use them efficiently

  • English must be good enough (both verbal & written) to understand some slang/casual talk and chitchat when appropriate.  

  • Growth mindset





  • Microsoft Excel (including formulas and unique and specific spreadsheet development and styling), Word, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Adobe Reader, Photoshop, Wordpress, C-panel, html, JavaScript, php, css, among others. 





  • Reachable anytime during designated hours via phone call primarily, but also text, email, video chat, etc.  

  • You MUST have a problem-solving/analytical brain & mindset


  • Good English and a high level (or at least above average level) of self-awareness: There will likely be times I need someone I can just vent to as I live a pretty fast-paced & high-stress/high-intensity lifestyle.  

  • Eager to learn

  • Ability to think outside the box

  • *Jack-of-all-trades





  • You will be working only part-time, but will be on-call (there when I need you) full-time.  We can go into more detail and come up with a schedule that works well for us both if you are selected





  • Phase 1: Applicants will fill out an application

  • Phase 2:  Selected candidates will take a short test/exam 

  • Phase 3: For the final applicants, telephone and Zoom interviews will be conducted, so please have Zoom installed and be familiar with how to use it if you choose to apply

  • If selected for the position, you must successfully complete a 90 day probationary period. 


If you would like to apply for this position, first apply here (through this website).


Next, send an email to applications d0t kaylee

at gmail email


In the body of the email, introduce yourself, tell me why you think you would be a good fit for the position, describe your experience, and tell me 3 things you enjoy about your life.  If you have any questions or need clarification on anything in the job description, please include those questions here.  I strongly encourage and appreciate your questions if you have any.


At the bottom of your email, include a link to your 16 Personalities profile by going to and taking the test.


Next, attach your resume (as a .pdf, .doc, or .docx) file to the email.


In the subject line of your email, type your first and last name, a dash, your four letter personality type (the one you obtained from the 16 Personalities test), an underscore, then type “Employment Application.”  It should look something like this:


“John Doe-ESFP_Employment Application”


This may seem tedious, but I need to know you are capable of following instructions.  Any applicants who do not follow these instructions will not be considered for the position.


To increase your chances of being hired, you may also choose to include 3 business/professional references, and 2 personal references.  


Thank you for your interest in the position and I look forward to hearing from you! 

Skills Required

  • Research
  • Web Content Writing
  • Wordpress Development
  • Web page Design
  • Financial Management
  • Personal Assistant

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