Seeking Senior Accountant & Tax Preparation for USA Tax Filing

$8 - 12 / Per Hour
Mar 21, 2021

Job Overview

I am seeking a senior accountant to help file taxes for a Corporation based in the USA.  This is a small company, most of the work is done, but need help closing out the details, and coordinating with a USA based Accounting Firm. You will need to work with an existing Filipano Virtual Assistant who has been helping with my company’s bookkeeping for over two years.  


Essential experience:

  • Worked on tax filings for a United States company.

  • Worked as Senior Accountant - being responsible for the details at least for one part of a tax filing.

  • Working virtually.

  • Experience with Google Drive, Google Sheets, and Google Docs

  • DropBox experience helps.

  • Confidence to do accounting and bookkeeping work in a way that you can answer exact questions about what was done.


  • I’m very busy, and not available all the time to quickly answer your questions.  You MUST be able to work independently in an environment where you might need to answer your own questions.



  • About 6 weeks of work of focused work in the near term because the tax filing is supposed to happen in three weeks.  

  • That said, I have a bunch of other work to be done that is financially based that I would use help with.

  • I don’t expect this to be a permanent position.

  • I’m happy to write a exceptional recommendation if things go well.

  • I”m happy to pay a bonus if things go well.


If you are an “attention to detail” person, please include:

  1. If you are currently working full time or part time

  2. What hours, New York, Eastern US Time that you’d like to work.

  3. Hourly rate.

  4. What payment method is best for you, and what other options we can use.

  5. A short summary of what work you have done in terms of:

    1. US Taxes

    2. Ownership of a portion of a tax filing

    3. What work have you done at the senior level

  6. If you are seeking an hourly rate that is anything but the bottom of the range, please include a justification.

Skills Required

  • Accounting
  • Tax Preparation

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