Real Estate Administrator / Customer Service Leader / Marketing VA

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Apr 05, 2021

Job Overview

Quest Acquisitions is an Atlanta based real estate business that has grown rapidly over the last few years. We specialize in real estate acquisitions and customer relations . We are an energetic, hyper positive company focused on succeeding together with our team. As a company, we’re focused on creating a great experience for all parties in a real estate transaction.


We’re now looking to add some Lead Enabler’s to our team. To explain the meaning in a few words, we’re looking for someone who can enable our team to be more successful. Specifically, we’re looking for someone who is detail-oriented and focused on achieving results.


A little about you:


●      You are a typing champion! You have a typing speed of a minimum of 60wpm. Bonus points for being above 100wpm!

●      You’re clear & well-spoken in English.

●      Experienced in writing detailed emails with bullet-points, and clear formatting.

●      You work independently, and don’t need to run everything by your leader.

●      Your grammar and spelling skills are beyond comparison!

●      You’re focused on being detail oriented.

●      You over deliver (not under!)

●      You are passionate about real estate.

●      You are comfortable utilizing the Microsoft suite, including Word, and Excel. Complex calculations using excel don’t scare you, they excite you.

●      You're used to working within a remote environment. You’re not scared to work from home, but excited to spend more time at home!


It would be a bonus if:

●      You had deep experience working within the real estate industry.

●      Have utilized CRM platforms like Podio.

●      Have experience implementing new software technologies within organizations.

●      Develop SOP’s that help the company to grow.

●      Have experience training new reps, and an interest in helping us train our new team-mates!


About The Position:


You’ll be on the front-lines working with our real estate agents and investors. You’ll be helping them to ensure that they are uber-productive and able to achieve their goals. Specifically, you’ll be responsible for administration, and ensuring that all details are matched up. You’ll work with our cold callers on a daily basis, to ensure they are achieving results. You’ll also ensure that everything is moving well, and be available to answer questions from clients.


Working Location & Requirements:

We require you to have a private home office. We do not allow you to work from an internet cafes. We require you to have a working computer with a minimum of 8GB of RAM. You’ll also have an internet connection of at least 15mbps.


How to Apply?


Please download app, and create a 1 minute video sharing why you’d be the perfect person to fill this position. Please make sure to mention your favorite recipe, and when you’ll be making it next. (To make sure you’re reading!)


We’re excited about filling this position. Please note that we’ll only be contacting candidates that meet all qualifications.

Skills Required

  • Admin Assistant
  • Data Entry
  • Email Management
  • Research
  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Real Estate Services
  • Other Project Management
  • Personal Assistant

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