Outbound sales calls to schedule appointments and gather information

$400 - 2500 / Per Month
Apr 14, 2021

Job Overview

If you think you are good communicating on the phone, I will offer you a chance to tryout for this position.  A tryout is 1 day of making calls to show me you can communicate effectively with business professionals.  You will not be paid for the 1 day tryout unless you are hired on to do the job and your weekly salary will be $100 with chance for bonuses.  I have gone through too many people that say they are good on the phones when they were not, and am not paying people to tell them they are not good a good fit.  If you are confident you can speak good English, listen well, and meet the daily requirements below.


Day starts 8:30am.

15 min break at 10:30am (or 15 min anytime between 10-11am).  

Lunch from 12:30-1:30pm. 

15 min break around 3:00 (or 15 min break anytime between 2:30-4:00pm.  

Day ends at 6:00pm.


In a typical 8 hour day of making calls, 6 hours should be spent on the phone and 220-300 calls should be made. The other two hours should be used in between calls for updating the spreadsheet with new info about the account. Let me know if you think you are able to meet these requirements and are interested in trying out the position for 1 day.


The goal of each call is to schedule an appointment with the decision maker of the company you are calling to jump in a call with with the communication specialists from Peerless Networks.  After you confirm who the decision maker is, you’ll also need to try and get the following information from each lead...


1. How many users do they have?  How many of them work remote?

2. What provider do they currently use?

3. Do you use Microsoft Teams?  If so, how many licenses do they have?

4. When is the last time they did a product evaluation and price comparison.  

5. How many locations do they have


Please don’t waste my time or yours if you know you will have trouble communicating in the phone with business professionals.  If you are confident you can do well, please reply with you email and WhatsApp number.  I look forward to hearing from you.  

Skills Required

  • Speaking
  • Sales Representative
  • Telemarketing

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