WEB SITE Search Engine Optimisation Full time Employee

$300 - 3000 / Per Month
Full Time
Apr 14, 2021

Job Overview

Hi we are looking for a full time basis SYD time 9am to 5pm employee (IF YOUR A COMPANY DO NOT APPLY)


Duties would include:

1- Create a google account

2- Choose the correct key words for the buisness

3- Ensure the clicks are optimised

4- Provide weekly and monthly comparisons reports

5- Provide us your expert advise

You must have previous Adwords Experience as we do not know how to do this and we cannot teach you.

We are only looking for a full time worker, not a contractor who has a min of 10 years experience in SEO, ADWORDS, Website optimisation. 

Please send me your resume, with relevant experience and the job is available to start ASAP. 

Our company will have you on a salary plus a BONUS SCHEME should you meet a target. 

It is required for you to comply with our working conditions that includes downloading the time tracking software Worksnaps.


Skills Required

  • SEO
  • Google AdWords

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