Cheat Capture

$20 - 30 / Per Day
Apr 15, 2021

Job Overview

  I wanted to build a Video Call Website where when a caller leaves the tab the border of the caller will lit up to notify. The project's name is cheat capture and it doesnt have to be that complicated just something for like beginners doesnt have to be that good as long as its working.


     The homepage will contain three clickable buttons: Create/Join Class, Settings and User Settings. Each of them will be coded for it to work. In the Create/Join Class button, your code will have an effect on the following features: Once clicked, you'll be taken to another section where you can see the next button to Join and Create. The Join button allows you to place an invitation code where you will be connected to the call/class. The Create button lets you; place a link to an online quiz where, once the class starts, the quiz is available on the current tab or only on the app itself. Also, a prompt/code link will be viewed in the Create Class and can be shared within the class. It also has a timer set, but it depends on the preference of the host. And to start with, there's a start button in the section. The Settings button concerns the microphone and web camera that the user will use to adjust to user preferences. And finally, the user configuration allows the user to edit information such as name, date of birth, email, profile picture and occupation (Teacher and student only). These features will be encoded into the names of the buttons listed.

•    Group Call

     Once you've started and joined the call, you'll be directed to the section where the program/app asks for your permission to turn on your microphone and web camera. The program will require you for the microphone and web camera to be switched on if not, you cannot join the call. During the schedule, students must turn on their microphone and web camera all the time until the call is over. There will also be two perspectives of the call: student call perspective and the teacher/host view of the call. The student version will only show you the online quiz platform, the view of the user's camera and the quiz timer if provided. In the latter, it will show the shared live video call of the students. The teacher can also decide to start sharing the online quiz, timer and might as well kick a student and decide when the session will be over. All of these features will be created by encoding them in the programming software used.

•    Detection

     In this section, a number of codes will be created to make detection possible. Detection will have a feature that if the student's shared live video call lights up and makes a bell-like sound, it will inform the teacher that the student is doing what is considered to be cheating, such as: opening a new tab in the browser, using a different app, leaving the page, talking, turning off the web camera, and turning off the microphone.

Something Like this  and its okay if its not that efforted Hoping for your cooperation

Skills Required

  • Javascript
  • HTML
  • Desktop Applications
  • Software QA Testing
  • Python
  • Ruby on Rails
  • C#

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