$1000 - 1500 / Per Month
Full Time
Apr 18, 2021

Job Overview

DELUXY is a rapidly growing startup that focuses on Wedding Gifts for couples.  We are proud of having created a diverse range of products that are of the highest quality on the market today.  

We are looking to invest in an Operations Rock Star to join our incredibly entrepreneurial team.

As we can take our Brand to the next level in 2021 and beyond, this position, at this stage in our growth, is very important. Let’s talk about that.

Opportunities ABOUND.  We currently have 3 employees.  This position would be employee numero cuatro, comprende? You may not like working for a startup company with LITERALLY infinite opportunity (if you’re into math, that’s this:  ∞).  We are not for everyone.  We get it.  

We subscribe to a philosophy initially pondered on Venetian soil over two thousand years ago, something called “Get Shit Done.”  I’m sure you’ve read about it.  It’s one of those special times in history adjacent to HAVING FUN and WORLD DOMINATION.  We love people, and we love our Brand.  We hope you love us, too.

Before we continue, if you answer NO to any of the below, please place this piece of paper in a shredder or open up an email and type THANKS BUT NO THANKS in the subject line and send it to us. 

Do you consider yourself entrepreneurial?

Are you wildly resourceful?

Do you have a growth mindset?

Do you figure shit out via whatever means necessary (Google, YouTube, book, phone a friend)?

Ever just roll up your sleeves and get the work done yourself?

Get shit done all the time and wherever you go?

Can you translate vision and strategy into tactical action? 

Consider constant streams of directions/orders to be synonymous with “not doing your job”? 

Know how to get approval for projects and actions and then run like the wind to get them DONE? 

Find yourself becoming an expert in areas you previously had little to no knowledge? 

if your answer is "YES" to all these questions please reply to this job board and we will send you instructions to apply!

Skills Required

  • Admin Assistant
  • Data Entry
  • Human Resource Management
  • Project Coordinator
  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Financial Forecasting
  • Financial Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Marketing Project Management
  • Other Project Management
  • Recruitment Assistant

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