Virtual Assistant - (Interested in hiring someone that is willing to learn and has a great attitude)

$50 - 500 / Per Month
Full Time
Apr 23, 2021

Job Overview

I am seeking a virtual assistant.

Right now, I would like to hire one or a few virtual assistants that are willing to learn different softwares if you do not already have experience in the ones I will be introducing you to.

I am seeking someone willing to work full-time and be open to learn different tasks that may be out of your comfort zone in the beginning. (but nothing too hard that I already don't do)

Anyone that is interested in this role will be required to jump on a video call so we can learn more about each other and to find out if you're a good fit for the role.

You will be paid by what I believe is genuinely fair for both parties.

Those with experience, I will ask what you've done in the past and will ask to see proof of outcomes that you've performed in the past for others


Skills Required

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