Looking for a Full-Time Outreach Manager

$500 - 750 / Per Month
Full Time
Apr 23, 2021

Job Overview

Client Success Manager

The Outreach Manager is trained by the Founder to develop contact lists, set up cold-emails campaigns using automation tools, and handle replies from that campaign.


Orb 27 is a B2B Lead-Generation Agency. We help our clients generate high-quality appointments with their target market and get new clients. 

We're looking for an Outreach Manager, who will be responsible for data development, cold-email campaign management, and reply handling. 

Our clients are based out of the US or Australia, so we need an excellent A+ English speaker and communicator, at least in writing. 

Responsibilities and Duties:

1. Develop prospect lists using the tools and systems provided by Orb 27.

2. Setup Cold-Email campaigns using automation platforms used by Orb 27. 

3. Handle any positive replies and queries that come through and convert them into meetings.

Skills and Experience:

1. You must have experience in data development or cold-emails, or automation tools, to be able to understand the job quickly. 

2. You must be experienced in working with US/Australia-based companies. 

3. You must have excellent English, at least in written and preferably in spoken as well. 

Skills Required

  • Admin Assistant
  • Data Entry
  • Email Management
  • Writing
  • Email Support
  • Appointment Setter

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