Virtual assistant

$160 / Per Month
Part Time
Apr 28, 2021

Job Overview

Working hours

*20 hours a week whenever you want 

Time zone

*USA Central standard Time 

You'll be paid twice monthly for 40 hours for every two weeks a total of $160 per month sorry but that's all I can afford to spend at this point but pay will increase when I can pay more

Skills needed

*A typer that is faster than 50 words a minute

*Good English

*Database skills IE notion or Microsoft database whichever is easier

*Research skills

   *Search through magazines Facebook hashtags          and mutual friends and Instagram hashtags and        follower list and finding addresses for the people      that were researching and contact information 

We are going to go through my towns magazines Facebook's Instagram Twitter tick tock and research and find out who the most well-connected people in town and rank them based on

mutual friends,


how many times they post

 the engagement of the post

are they a member of the chamber of commerce

Are they a business owner.

Are they member of the club or organizationl

lastlyhow big is their following 




















Skills Required

  • Data Entry
  • Email Management
  • Research
  • Personal Assistant

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