I need a Creative Content Writer for Auto Part Store in USA

Nov 27, 2017

Job Overview

I have an online Auto Part Store and I am always looking for good content writer for my website.
Candidates must have
- Knowledge of the automotive world especially aftermarket parts
- Experience in SEO and keyword density
- Unique content that can pass duplicate content checks
- Fluent in English, prefer US English speakers
- Unique writing style that is balanced between informative and witty to keep readers engaged
- Flexible working hours

I am always looking for content writer so the job can be extended if I find the right candidates.

The site:
This job is to write content for category pages, the content is divided into 2 sections, a short description of the category which usually include 180-250 words. Long detailed description which needs to be 300+ words, full of descriptive content that need to be accurate and informative about the category, the purpose of this content to increase the ratio of words/code on the page and be informative to the customer not just word fillers.


Proposal is to write 10 category description pages (Short and Long description)

Please do a sample page and submit with your proposal.

Skills Required

  • Copywriting
  • Creative Writing
  • Web Content Writing

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