Personal Assistant to help with Entrepreneur with a Job and Business Owner

$200 - 300 / Per Month
Full Time
May 05, 2021

Job Overview


I am a Business Owner and Professional. My organizations and task tracking skills are not great. Looking for a Personal Assistant that can help with:

  1. Monthly Task Tracking and completion - Tracking and Completing Monthly Tasks like emails, posting to social media platforms etc.

  2. Random Tasks Tracking - I have tasks and action items that come through my work and business that  I need to be tracked and reminded about

  3. Personal Task Tracking - Remind me of upcoming events, milestones like birthdays etc and help keep track

  4. Scheduling - Help Schedule meetings by coordinating with client and my personal and work(job) schedules

  5. Phone calls - Make phone calls to clients on a monthly basis to check on them

Timezone: New York

Salary Paid on 1st of the Month

Skills - Fluent English, Very Organized

Looking for someone who is looking to stick around for a while and we will grow together!

Skills Required

  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Customer Support
  • Social Media Moderation
  • Personal Assistant

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