Inside Sales Agent

20,000-25,000 DOE
Full Time
Dec 08, 2017

Job Overview

POSITION DESCRIPTION: The position title is Inside Sales Agent (ISA). The Contractor’s primary responsibility is to convert telephone leads/prospects into face-to-face listing or buying presentation appointments:

a. Make calls to all leads/prospects.

b. Follow the approved scripts and dialogues, provided by the Company.

c. Work diligently and honestly to compel each prospect to agree to meet for a face-to-face agent presentation.
d. Enter detailed notes into the appropriate and designated Contact Management System(s).
e. Check the Contact Management System(s) for assigned leads.
f. Attend training sessions, teleconference calls, and meetings as deemed necessary by the Company.
g. Keep a log of all calls made for the day.
h. Make follow up calls assigned via the Contact Management System(s).
i. Call the maximum number of leads/prospects each hour so as to produce the maximum amount of results.
j. Achieve a minimum goal of ten listing presentations per work week.

k. Failure to meet quota for two consecutive weeks may result in a warning letter, in the sole discretion of Company, until the quota has been met. Failure to meet quota for three or more consecutive weeks may result in termination of employment, in the sole discretion of Company.
l. Follow up promptly with all leads/prospects.

m. Continually call leads/prospects until you reach them or until you verify that the lead/prospect is invalid.
n. Utilize any and all lead/prospect tracking spreadsheets and/or methods the Company provides.
o. Project a gracious attitude toward your leads/prospects on the phone by always thanking them for the time they are giving to you.
p. Build relationships with your clients and always approach them with great respect for them and ask questions to determine what their needs are. We are in the business of helping them be successful.
q. Attend all tele -conferences required by the Company.

r. Promptly communicate with the management/ownership of RE/MAX Prime Properties anything that gives you discomfort as it relates to the work atmosphere.

When sending in resume please include you DISC profile page, resumes with DISC profile page will not be considered completed.

***Please also include your SKYPE ID for Interview.

  • Work Times are 8:00 am USA CST to 5:00 pm USA CST

  • SALARY is paid on the 1st & 15th

Skills Required

  • Lead Generation
  • Telemarketing
  • Real Estate Services
  • Appointment Setter

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