Market and Economic Research for an Investment Firm! (Not Social Media, or Marketing) - Research ( Looking to Hire NOW)

$1000 - 10000 / Per Month
Full Time
May 23, 2021

Job Overview

Hello, I hope that you are having a nice day, 

I am looking to hire a qaulified individual for my Business to work 8-12 Hour days 5-6 Days per week. 

I am in EST 

I will pay weekly

( Starting Pay $250 a week, and it moves up from there )

( The salary is not set in stone, Weekly Pay can go up to $2,500.00 a week depending on your work ethic ) 

Requirements : 

- Knowledge in Economics 

- Knowledge in Finance 

- Typing speed 70+ WPM 

- Very Literate in English 

- Open Mind and Creative 

You will be spenfing the majority of your time doing research for me on different economys, Crypto Currencys, and the Foreign Excahnge Market. 

I will not be delagating other Tasks to you other than that. 

You will be treated fairly and with the utmost respect when working with me and you will be paid on time. 

Skills Required

  • Research
  • Writing
  • Creative Writing
  • Technical Writing
  • Financial Analysis
  • Investment Researching

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