Marketing superstar needed

Full Time
Feb 12, 2018

Job Overview

Are you a self-starting, results-oriented marketing specialist? Do you want to be in charge of an international marketing strategy and execution?
We offer an opportunity to you to build a marketing strategy, execute it, build and lead a team while rolling out an innovative SaaS product in US market.

Your personality:
- You are goal driven and get s**t done;
- You have a “can-do” attitude;
- You don’t always have the answer, but you’re smart enough to figure anything out;
- You never say “not my job”, make excuses or “forget”;
- You can multitask;
- You can prioritize – you know what is important and what is less so;
- You can work under tight deadlines;
- You are comfortable writing great texts and being creative when needed;
- At the same time you are comfortable with numbers and can do quantitative data-based analysis;
- You always know what is current CPC, CPI, conversion rate, CAC, and ROI;
- You have attention to detail, but are fast at the same time;
- You can work independently: can plan, organize and prioritize work yourself;
- You are comfortable working in a team or leading it.
Your skills:
- Fluent in written English (both grammar and style, you can write an advert or a blog without grammar or style mistakes);
- At least 5 years full-time experience in digital marketing;
- Ideally, you have a successful experience of leading a marketing team – you know how to prioritize and distribute the tasks and you know people with the right skills;
- Knowledge of main SEO methods and strategies;
- A/B testing;
- Experience running Adwords and FB advertisement campaigns;
- Experience running SN groups;
- Experience with affiliate marketing;
- You know well main MS Office tools – Word, Excel, PPT;
- You are familiar with main graphic design programs (can create a FB banner or a flyer);
- Being able to think out-of-the-box and think of non-standard marketing methods (guerilla marketing).

What we offer:
- You will clearly see impact of your work;
- You will build up a strong brand from scratch;
- You will build a team from ground up;
- Scope to show initiative and creativity;
- Work from home (at least at the start);
- Competitive salary based on your skills and results-based bonus.

What you will be doing:
- Everything that is needed in order to take-off-the-ground an innovative SaaS marketing-automation-platform for SME in US and Canada;
- You will build up a team;
- You will create a strategy;
- You will execute the strategy;
- You will be responsible for the results.

This is a great opportunity for a very driven, smart and hard-working person. You will have an opportunity to build everything off-the-ground: strategy, team, and implementation. It will be very-very-hard, but very rewarding.
The product is ready we just need you on our team to conquer the world.
If you are not afraid of hard-work and the challenge please apply with your CV and why do you think you will achieve the results needed?

(We are based in EU, but work globally.)

Skills Required

  • SEO
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing

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