Social Media Manager

Mar 09, 2018

Job Overview

I want a freelancer to manage my business platform accounts. On these platforms research for appropriate network partners in the area of Swiss and German executives needs to be done. Those you need to contact in my name making them part of my network in first step and making personal appointments afterwards. Those personal dates aim on sales of consulting services.

The written conversation you would have to deliver usually takes place in German.

Summarizing the tasks:

  1. Further develop my platform profiles with new content in German

  2. Research for executives in Switzerland, later also in Germany and Austria

  3. Making those executives network partners

  4. Making personal appointments via my accounts

You will be asked to answer the following questions when submitting a proposal:
1. Wie gut ist Ihr Geschaeftsdeutsch? Haben Sie schon mal in deutsch gearbeitet?

Skills Required

  • LinkedIn Marketing

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