virtual assistant with good copywriting skills and able to research info on different topics

Part Time
Mar 09, 2018

Job Overview

We're looking for someone to create instructions for our foreign (italian, french, ...) writers. Something like a template, which the writers will follow.

Your job will be to write a catchy beginning (in English) and look for the products and good sources on the topic. Everything will be explained to you.

In the beginning, we can pay about 2-3$ per 1 created instructions. It should take you about 30-60 minutes to create 1 instructions (depends on the topic). If both parties are happy, we can agree on a higher payout or even a full-time job.

For now, we need about 15-20 instructions per week.

You should be able to write small copywriting texts, have a good English and a common sense when looking for the sources and products.

To show that you have read all the requirements, type "potato" as the first line in your e-mail's body.

Skills Required

  • Writing
  • Copywriting

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