Full Time
Mar 22, 2018

Job Overview

Please read carefully:
**Our standards are very high and this is the toughest place that you are going to probably work. The work is very challenging. We want candidates who have the ability to problem solve, and not just anyone who has extensive skills and background in programming. Our recruitment process is extreme, and you will have to go through several processes and tests to see if you are able to problem solve and overcome your own challenges and roadblocks.

**Good news is... You will have a chance to establish a career without experiencing long commute, traffic, pollution, and more importantly, you are safe at your home. Those are only few good stuff because there's a lot more once you become part of our team. We hate promises here, because here, we do what we say.

**If you are still reading, this is a good sign, this means you may have what it takes and may have a chance to make it in this team - and be accepted as part of our family.

--Develop Web Application
--Write programs in a variety of computer programming languages (mainly HTML/CSS and JavaScript)
--Will work on collaborative projects with other team members
--Develop applications that are user-friendly
--Debug programs by testing and fixing errors
--Reacting to problems and correcting the program as necessary
--Evaluating and increasing the program's effectiveness
--Conduct testing to ensure that the program can be used easily, quickly and accurately
--Understanding the current trends about technologies
--Continuously improve your knowledge in Meteor Framework over time by attending trainings provided by the company and/or self-study

--Web development and related technical skills
--Preferably knowledgeable in Meteor Framework but not required
--Sharpness and creativity
--Logical approach to problem solving
--Good analytical skills
--Ability to finish tough projects and overcome difficult challenges
--Ability to work well under pressure
--Keen to details
--Tenacity and patience
--Must have a thirst for knowledge
--Must have the ability to work productively with minimal supervision
--Ability to self-study
--Ability to work in fast-paced environment

Please take note, this is a home-based job and the schedule is Mon-Fri 8PM to 5AM Philippine time. You must have a reliable internet and a good work computer.
We welcome fresh graduates, however we do not accept freelancers and part-timers.

--Enjoy working at the comfort of your home
--4 weeks training rate starts at $2 per hour, and salary increases every time you complete a level of training
--Bonuses are paid for above average performance and can range from 5% to 50% of your hourly fee
--Continuous learning, practice, and improvement of skills
--Access to unlimited learning materials that will help you become more effective in your chosen career
--Company sponsored team-buildings for all employees and other activities

Skills Required

  • Javascript
  • Wordpress Development
  • Content Management
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Wordpress
  • Desktop Applications
  • Software QA Testing
  • Tech Support
  • Software Development Project Management
  • Web Development Project Management

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