Are you looking for more than a Job but a real future of Abundance? Seeking Outbound -Scouts

150 PHP per hour + Commission + Profit Share
Mar 30, 2018

Job Overview

This is a unique opportunity, where you will be trained and supported to become the master of your destiny.

We are createing a world-class talent Pool to service the New Zealand Community.
Are you up to the task?

We are Bounce and over the last number of months have put together a number of Training and self-assessment tools to fully support and empower you in your life.
We are at our core wishing to create a space of FREEDOM and ABUNDANCE for not only the company but for you and your family as well.

Our company Mission
To be the Number 1, Business support company inspiring Freedom, autonomy and abundance to the newly started and aspiring businesses, both locally and internationally.

Our Recruitment Process,
1st - We ask you to do an assessment to make sure you have the required level of contextual English understanding - unfortunately, this must be excellent as we need the language barrier to be minimal.

2nd - We ask you to do up to 4 or 5 tasks in line with this application process - this is important because being able to understand and follow various task instructions is crucial to our business being successful. It is a massive pitfall to jump right in before a solid understanding is gained and proceed potentially with the incorrect outcome.
--rest assured we will provide clear and concise feedback on this point and allow you to learn and try again--

3rd - This is where we start the Training process of Self-knowledge and Self-awareness, All of us have different balances of desires, personality defaults and preferences.
This is a deep dive via 4 assessments designed to help you know yourself in a deeper and more fulfilling way and allow us to better support you in your development and growth.

4th - We offer training to let you form your own purpose, we have an amazing process that lets you create your life values and purpose which can be your energy source to fuel your peak performance in any role you choose in the future.
- We then let you discover if we in our values and purpose is a match for you.

5th - Core Training
The training is designed to be done in your own time and can be done at any time of the day or night in parts or all at once it is entirely up to you.
The Training covers:
Emotional Intelligence, Vision and Goal setting in a SMART format, Stress Assessment and Management, Personality styles and Communication Strategies, How to handle resentment and how we act when things don't go to plan. And of course an overview of what New Zealand Culture is like.

6th Specialist Job specific training, Current recruitment is for a position we call "Outbound Team apprentice - Scout"
This is a freelance position where you make outbound calls for one of our clients in a "sprint". It's a 2-hour paid slot of high performance - the perfect opportunity to prove in the act your superior competency and talent.
Pay is 300 pesos per sprint guaranteed (and paid immediately after completed via PayPal) PLUS Commission and Profit share of the Sprint.

We have succession plans for you to take you from now all the way through to full time, management ect, eventually owning your own business, This is unlike any other job you have had before.

With this opportunity, we do require you to put 'skin in the game'. This comes in the form of doing the training unpaid, we require no payment from you for the training and you are welcome to learn what you can and apply it elsewhere if you wish.
We will invite you to attend our sprints as and when they are scheduled based on performance.
You have full autonomy to join at will or decline if time isn't suitable, sprint times can vary from 8am NZ time all the way through to 8pm NZ time.

In conclusion, we are offering an outbound calling position in a freelance format, Looking for peak performance on the phones with extensive support and empowerment from us, we hope to get to know you and build our talent community, Are you in?

Skills Required

  • Data Entry
  • Research
  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Lead Generation
  • Telemarketing
  • Phone Support
  • Real Estate Services
  • Appointment Setter

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