Personal Assistant

Full Time
Jun 11, 2018

Job Overview

I`m looking for a personal assistant for the long run. As time passes you will know me better and can fulfill the tasks faster and more accurate.

  • Both of our sites will only benefit if we share common values, interests and work ethic, so please only apply if a lot is fitting to you.

Your personality:

  • (You should definitely have that characteristic otherwise we won`t come along)
    “ISTJ” by Myers & Bricks: introvert or extrovert, down to earth, logic, facts and rationality, executive, love jokes and teasing, available when needed

Your interests and opportunities:

(You should preferably have those interests, so you have fun researching, can learn a lot also for yourself and even become smarter than me)

  • Traveling: Digital Nomad, Backpacker, Sightseeing, Travel Hacking, Flights etc.

  • Personal Development: methods, books, audio, podcast,

  • Fitness, food, health, style, flirting

  • And a bit of economics & investing

Your skills and tasks:

  • Writing (formal & non-formal), speaking and understanding english really good!

  • Researching everywhere in the internet (google, facebook, Instagram, pinterest, reddit etc.) for the topics: (flight, accommodation, weather, attractions, information, food, best Digital Nomad spots, automate food for home, delivery service, developing personality and what else is listed above)

  • Structuring things, powerpoint, word

  • Compromising information (you should tell me the most important things from a 10-minute video in 4 sentences)

  • schedule appointments

  • posting, interacting on Instagram

-Writing with people: Whatsapp, Facebook, Email

Skills Required

  • Email Management
  • Event Planner
  • Research
  • Travel Planning
  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Appointment Setter
  • Personal Assistant

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