Personal / Virtual Assistant

Part Time
Jun 19, 2018

Job Overview

Luna Capital is a Crypto Asset Hedge Fund located in Silicon Valley (PST time zone). For example, we trade cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, Ethereum and other Alt coins.

We are scaling and growing, and we cannot keep up with schedule, booking. We need someone who is VERY detail oriented and can help us stay organized. This space moves very fast, so I need things done very fast. I am looking for someone with these characteristics:

  • Humble.

  • Patient.

  • Diligent and competent.

  • Willing to do the hard work and work on a task until it's done without long breaks.


  • High EQ & IQ.

  • Great at scheduling and responding to emails.

Here is a list of the things I could potentially ask the admin to do, which can be very detailed:

  • Organize investor documents

  • Schedule meetings and book flights within certain price / time conditions.

  • Make a list of all the family offices in X region.

  • Send out the investor documents via Docusign to this potential investor in the next hour.

  • Find out all blockchain and cryptocurrency events within the next year that are going to be a big deal and apply to all speaking positions for Luna Capital to speak at.

  • "Email X and let them know I am running late."

  • "Please message me the date every morning at 8am and tell me my first meeting of today and my first meeting of tomorrow."

  • "Make this document look nicer with our logo in the header and send it to me in a PDF."

  • "Provide me all the top news of the blockchain industry today."

Skills Required

  • Admin Assistant

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