A Shout Out for Gritty and Creative Writers

Entirely up to your work output
Jun 28, 2018

Job Overview

Aspirants who left messages to me will be evaluated within this week to the next (high-five). It might take long since we have different teams across the globe so we are pretty busy and tight for now.

Leave me a message on Skype, kellah26, when you get this.

Hope you wouldn't mind the wait. Thanks a bunch and talk to you soon.


Hey Creatives! Kamusta?

This is Kella, and I'm the manager and editor in Gemini Writers from Trident Publishing.

I received a lot of hits and applicants, and it was truly a privilege e-meeting with aspirants like you here in VirtualStaff.

Because of that, I decided to rewrite and added a few details to this job ad :)

Before anything, I would like to mention this again above all: We don't need a long form of credentials and diplomas from you.

Instead, these are the qualities that we look for:

++ Hard-working

++ Loves to read

++ Had the guts

++ Can evoke senses and emotions from your story

And also, tough as a nail in reaching your deadlines. (wink)

I also would like to get the feeling of your personality and flair from your writing.

So shoot me a message with these pieces in mind:

++ In your subject line, think up a word or a phrase that BEST describes you

++ Tell me who you are, what aspires and pushes you, and why you think being a writer is the answer

++ If I like you, I'll reach you within the week

And also, it would be awesome if you got these kick-ass traits as well:

++ Great attention to detail

++ Fearless to just be yourself, and can express ideas and thoughts

++ Has open mind since we're going to tackle erotic scenes

Remember, your application will stand as YOU

So here's the tip: Get weird and make me to like you. Let yourself be the oddball and stand-out. We value diversity and result-oriented people who are willing to get out of their comfort zones.

To sum it up, feel free to be funny, freaky, silly, mushy or anything in between (actually, this part is only me saying that but you kinda get the picture grin)

Your application will act as your CV and writing sample so you don't have to send additional files to me.

I will personally assess your writing and wit in our hands-on assessment by Google Docs so be sure you got Google account for work ready.

When you get the green light, a contract sent by our Head will be in your inbox (hell yeah)

I also need you to be familiar with these apps:

++ Google Drive, Docs and Sheet

++ Slack

We don't care if you're a rookie or experienced. A student or a stay-at-home mom.

What we want is someone who has grit and aches for growth.

Think you got it?

Ping me up on Skype, kellah26, so we can talk more about the job details. (brofist)

Wish you all the best at salamat xo

Skills Required

  • Writing
  • Creative Writing
  • Editing Proofreading

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