~~~~ Full Time stable job - Amazon Marketing Expert ~~~

$400 Negotiable
Full Time
Jun 29, 2018

Job Overview

We are rapidly-growing e-commerce business, selling various online products mainly through
And we are looking for Superstar team-mate for our team to work with us for the long term.

Job Description:
- Your job is to manage our Amazon business across all fields
- You will be hired to work with us long term, full time.
- You will receive all the training you need for the tasks you will be assigned.
- You will need to work according to USA EST time zone.

Here are the main skills and responsibilities for this position:
SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT: Research products for us to sell, identify new supplier and negotiate the terms.
You should also manage the existing relationships and take care of things like reordering and shipping.

LISTING CREATION: Do Keyword research (Must have knowledge of "keyword research" and SEO),
Work closely with copywriiter to create and optimize Amazon listing to get max traffic and conversions
Work closely with the designer to produce product images.

PRODUCT MARKETING: Manage Amazon PPC Campaigns and run paid traffic to increase more sales of our product,
You should follow our special procedure for ranking products on Amazon.

SHOPIFY: We are in the process of launching our brand on our website using Shopify.
You should lead this effort by creating and managing the store, Creating click funnels adding pixels and driving traffic.

You MUST have excellent command over both written and spoken English.
You should have extensive experience in Facebook Ads, Google Adwords and e-commerce as well.

Ideally, you should have prior experience in the Amazon platform but this is not mandatory as we will provide you with detail training.
You must be a fast learner as we will provide you with lots of training.

  • You will need to wear multiple hats and help out on other tasks/projects as needed

• What makes you a Superstar team-mate and not an employee?

? As an employee, you can take directions and follow them accurately.
As a team-mate, you are proactive and come up with solutions on your own when directions are not well defined,
and make suggestions when you think there are more efficient ways to fulfill a task than what was initially described.
As a team-mate, you are genuinely interested in doing the job well.

? If I ask you to make an excel spreadsheet and you do not know what an excel spreadsheet
is, you search for it on the internet. You don’t email us with questions that can be quickly solved by doing a Google search.

? If I ask you to do some math calculations in Word, but you know Excel will get the task done
faster, you tell us. We discuss it and then decide how to move on.

• What makes you awesome?

? You express your opinion freely. We value a direct communication and honest opinion.
If you could not fulfill a task or made a mistake you say so.
Remember. I am not your boss. I appreciate your contribution to the team and want to easily communicate with you.
? You pay attention to details.
? You have a good understanding of written English.

If you think you are superstar team-mate material, we want you in our team! So keep on reading.
If you are not up for the series of challenges, please stop here.

Many people will apply for this job and in order for us to find that one awesome team mate we will throw a challenges at you.
Be the first one to complete it and the job could be yours!

  • Please note that we do not have the time to read messages and CVs, there is no need to send any messages. *

  • Instead Be the first one to complete the challenge and you will be hired. *

You won't have to spend any money to complete this challenge - you will just spend time and you will have to use your googling skills and your mind. Also, you won't get paid for going through the challenge.

There is only one prize and only one winner - be the first to complete the challenge and you will win the job.

Here’s the challenge:

  1. Create a new Gmail account. The email should include the word "amz". Example of correct email address.

  2. Here is Challenge #1

click on the URL to submit first challenge.
3. Once you submit the form please reply me on "" with Subject line "AMZ Challenge #1" from the email id which you have created with keyword "seo"
4. You will receive a reply within 24h. If you succeeded you will receive the next challenge.
5. If you failed you will receive an email saying "Sorry, you failed.". If you receive that email it means you are out.

Note : This is challenge #1 of 10 total challenges. The challenges will get progressively more difficult.


Skills Required

  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Mobile Marketing
  • SEO
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Amazon Product Ads
  • Bing Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google AdWords
  • Marketing Project Management
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Instagram Marketing
  • YouTube Marketing
  • Twitter Marketing

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