Senior or Experienced Web Application Developer

Negotiable - provide expected monthly salary
Full Time
Jul 04, 2018

Job Overview

This job is available to remote and at-home developers.

We are a US based ecommerce company looking for full or part-time web software developers. Our preference is to find a Senior Web Software Developer with at least 2 years prior experience working as a lead in a collaborative development environment.

The skills necessary include having strong knowledge of the following:
- MySql or equivalent
- Codeigniter
- Saas / Multi-tenant application development
- Understanding of eCommerce APIs

In addition, the applicant should have the following:
- Great positive attitude
- Hard working
- Ability to self-asses skill level and provide accurate timelines from completion of tasks
- Ability to solve logic and analytical problems, ranging from simple to complex

Not required, but preferred skills include:
- Understand or ability to quickly learn Metronic UI framework
- Use of Git
- Server administration
- DevOps

Any experience with Android or iOS development is also a plus.

If hired in a supervisory role, the job would entail direct coding alongside other developers, code review, and QA. It may also include setting up and managing development environments for junior developers, providing guidance and knowledge to junior developers and reporting directly to management. Some strategy and planning may also be required as well as managing deadlines.

We will also consider applicants without supervisory experience in a Junior Developer role. If hired in a non-supervisory role, the job would entail, completing specific coding tasks to a predefined standard and quality, while also keeping deadlines as a priority.

Skills Required

  • Mysql
  • PHP
  • CSS
  • Ecommerce / Shopping Carts
  • HTML
  • Software Development Project Management
  • Web Development Project Management

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