Full Time
Jul 26, 2018

Job Overview

We are looking for an EXPERIENCED proofreader for non-fiction book manuscripts (motivational/business category) in English. Must be deadline-conscious, goal-oriented, resourceful and creative.

Primary Responsibilities:

• Check spelling, capitalization, punctuation, grammar, sentence structure.

• Make sure that names of people, places and organizations are spelled properly and that facts, dates and statistics are accurate. This may involve contacting writers' sources and conducting online research.

• Create a page layout that consists of the placement of articles, photographs and advertisements.

• Code manuscripts for design features, such as the hierarchy of headings.

• Create artwork briefs to detail the content of illustrations.

• Ensure that illustrations are correctly captioned and referred to in the text.

• Ensure consistency in hyphenation, capitalization, formatting of references, etc.

• Sub-edit text written by a number of authors to ensure consistent house style.

• Discuss and resolve any potentially libelous sections with the author.

• Identify plagiarized content and copyright images.

• Communicate with the author to make recommendations, provide updates and follow up on any requirements.

Ideal Skills and Qualifications:

English Proofreading, English Grammar, English Punctuation

A combination of training and/or experience in proofreading book manuscripts

Familiarity with existing house styles is an advantage.

Excellent interpersonal, written and oral communication skills

Extremely detail-oriented

Proven ability to effectively prioritize tasks

Ability to exercise good judgment, initiative, and proactiveness

High standards of ethics and confidentiality to handle sensitive information – extremely important

Flexible and open to working in a 24x7 work environment (The primary schedule is 8AM to 5PM MNL but you must be flexible.)

Other Requirements:

  • Must pass the proofreading assessment facilitated by the company

  • Computer Processor: Dual Core

  • Computer Memory/RAM: 2.00 GB

  • Internet Speed: 2 MBPS

  • Working Headset with mic

Skills Required

  • Email Management

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