SEO Expert Onsite, Offsite, & GMB Local Expert

Full Time
Aug 01, 2018

Job Overview

I am looking for an SEO Expert. My agency mainly works with local type businesses.

  • Provide ideas on how to help clients increase rankings.

  • This will include looking at various white labels offerings and deciding if they are a good fit for the client that month - I have a ton of resources to pick from.

  • You will be given a budget on how much to spend for the clients and we will work together on what to buy.

  • Discover new white label offerings and be able to tell if they are good or junk

  • Take Expert Training I have subscribed to such as These training will make you a top expert in GMB Local.

  • Join Facebook Groups to interact with industry experts

  • Put together monthly reporting

  • Discover new linking opportunities for clients and do outreach. there are great tools out there to make it easier to find and contact

  • Cross competitor link analysis to find links that clients do not have.

  • Knowledge of Adwords Optimization

  • Be able to spot junk links.

  • Coordinate with a writer or be able to write the content yourself.

  • Tiered Link Building

  • Make small changes to websites at the client's request.

Please Answer These Questions

Have you used Ahrefs?
What other SEO tools have you used before?
How do you diagnose a drop in important keywords?
What type of link building have you done?
Knowledge of WordPress.
Have you used elegant themes Divi builder?
What do you know about GMB optimization?
What do you think moves a site up in the rankings?
How can you help get my clients better rankings?

I have no problem getting more tools if they are going to provide value for the clients. I am currently using Whatconverts, SEO Powersuite, SEOPressor, ManageWP, and Ahrefs.

I really want to move away from having to buy links for clients and have you acquiring them. I understand this will take time to do.

Skills Required

  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Blogging
  • Web Content Writing
  • SEM
  • SEO
  • Wordpress Development
  • CSS
  • Google analytics
  • HTML
  • Webmaster Tools
  • Wordpress
  • Marketing Project Management
  • Web Development Project Management

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